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This is an online playground of Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes and Shinta Carolinasari.
BayuBayu is developer and design enthusiast. This site is still under construction and I'm updating it periodically, so sorry if you found some half-baked information and broken links :-) See notes on website redesign

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Customizing WordPress Comment Form Fields and Submit Button

Since WordPress version 3, the comment form has been standarized and can be displayed by using comment_form() function at the theme code, see the reference. The function accepts 2 parameters, $args and $post_id. Customization for the form fields and textarea markups can be done via $args array. see also this file for reference: wp-includes/comment-template.php at comment_form() function. The Read More…

BayuBayu.com evolution

I like web design, and has been creating web since I was at junior high school. This post is the showcase for the evolution of this site. Starting from the first unpublished simple design created by Microsoft Word… Then hosted on free hosting… To the current version. (1998) Bayu Inside?? (unreleased) This is my first website design… Created Read More…

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