About BayuBayu

BayuBayu.com started as Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes’s personal website. This become an online playground for his interest in development, design and his experimental creation. Shinta Carolinasari is his wife.

Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes (husband)

Passionate in graphic design/illustration, beautiful User Interfaces/UI, User Experience/UX and website. Bayu like to draw and doodle since childhood. Graduated in IT. When he was in college, he was a part time web developer and designer. Design media various from print, web to interactive CD and Flash mini games. You can see some of his games here. Since 2007, he works as developer at one of software company in Indonesia, working mostly with Australian clients. Can’t talk much about it any further.

For me, it’s important to achieve a balance between content, functionality and visual aesthetics.

Shinta Carolinasari (wife)

Passionate in front end web development and interested in business strategies. She is pretty good in doing project management, since she is well organized and giving attention on small details. She is IT graduated and also has an MBA degree.

BayuBayu.com Evolution

BayuBayu website evolution

From the first unpublished design in 1998 to the current version, you can read about the evolution of this site here.