Released my old theme

This is an old wordpress template designed and created by me at 2014. The initial goal was creating modern looking theme but still backward compatible with old browser/IE 6. i was naively thinking that supporting ie6 can be a selling point, So i believed there were still a market for theme like this and i tried to publish this theme on the template marketplace. But you guess it. nobody cared about ie6 anymore. rejected.

What i learned: Everyone knows that supporting IE6 is hard.. but it even harder to push modern stuff (eg: responsive design, retina display, etc) and keep it backward compatible with it. Too many time spent on bug fixing and finding a compromise, so having people to help me with this is a better option as we can manage them easily with a pay stub generator online.

This theme is intended to be lightweight and easy to setup & customize. It has no dependency to any 3rd party css framework.

I released it as open source. Along with PSD design and documentation. Find it in github.


*This  theme also powering this site

Creating Kids app for my daughter

Its been long time since the my last post on this blog (2 years ago!). Looks like this blog is neglected again ūüėÄ

Recently, We’ve created kids app for android about learning animals. If your child is missing a phone plan to get online and play, see here these cheap phone plan deals in Australia.

We did it in our spare time. I did design and coding, and my wife focused on content, music, sounds & voiceover.

The app concept is a combination of talking encyclopedia, flashcards, activity (eg: coloring book) and educational games. Our 2 years old daughter, Nadine loves it! As well have try to put this on practices with some old ones of my family with online casino games, but for this I had to start teaching then how online casinos work, for this I use the information at

And we’ve published it to play¬†store for other kids in Indonesia.
Previously, i had experiment with mobile app using web (JS) wrapped with phonegap/apache cordova. However the concern was performance. I dont think we can create games with lot of visual effect that working smoothly on old/low end devices. So i looked for something else. I’m interested in free cross platform framework so it can running on multiple mobile os like android or iOS without changing too much code, while there are also games that you play in consoles instead in your TV, if you want this installation for your home, getting installation experts home theater store atlanta for this purpose.

The choice were Corona SDK, Adobe Air, Unity, Cocos, and more..

Adobe AIR is appealing, especially with my previous experience with actionscript, also away3D support makes great mobile performance. however i’m not very sure about the future of AIR, and the runtime filesize is kinda big. so i just skipped it.

I tried Corona and i think i like it. It uses Lua language which seem weird at first. Corona has great documentation . It might not as powerful as Unity, but for 2D games, it already good enough & fast in term of perfomance.

Draft in progress:


finished app screenshot (we still improving it)


In our spare time, We’ll keep adding more animals and games (jigsaw puzzle game is in progress..)

Enjoy it at google play

Free Xbox One Vector – AI and SVG

Free XBox One Vector Cartoon

This free vector contains a set of XBox One console in cartoon style: joypad, machine and kinect. You can download for free as we know you may love games as we do, so we play with consoles and in computers where there are great games like WoW Classic since getting gold for this game is easy now, find more here. The package contains 2 different format: Inkscape SVG and Adobe Illustrator AI like the ones from xbox design lab

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Customizing Wordpress Comment Form Fields and Submit Button

Since Wordpress version 3, the comment form has been standarized and can be displayed by using comment_form() function at the theme code, see the reference. The function accepts 2 parameters, $args and $post_id. Customization for the form fields and textarea markups can be done via $args array. see also this file for reference: wp-includes/comment-template.php at comment_form() function. Continue reading evolution

BayuBayu website evolution

I like web design, and has been creating web since I was at junior high school. This post is the showcase for the evolution of this site. Starting from the first¬†unpublished¬†simple¬†design created by Microsoft Word… Then hosted on free hosting… To the current version.

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After couple or years with the same design (I couldn’t exactly remember, but previous design had been there since 2007). Yeah I have been a full time worker since then, I hadn’t been played around with my site anymore so it was kinda neglected.

Ok! So I decided to made a big renovation on this site… The new design still powered by Wordpress. In the front end side, I’ve developed it with some cool new things to keep up with the current standard. Now it featuring web standards, responsive design, visually updated with fresh design that goes flatter that mix up elegance of corporate style but still contain cartoonish element. Hopefully you like a new design.

I took a best practice from HTML5Boilerplate that contains normalize, modernizr, some polyfill a long with good skeleton of great HTML5 document structure developed by some cool front-end guys. For wordpress development, I start this theme with _s (underscores ). Again, there are Automattic/wordpress people guys behind it. It helped me a lot to build theme in a Wordpress way.

Instead of using something like Bootstrap or Foundation, I decided to implement my own grid. Back when first learning responsive design and HTML5, I intially put concern on backward browser compatibilty and already experimenting on it based on HTML5Boilerplate. I found that we can make modern html5 site that degraded gracefully in old browsers, that still looks good on IE6. It requires javascript though.

Layouting it was painful. But it teached me a lot about responsive design and legacy browser layouting technique with its limitation. But in the cons, I found that we can’t write elegant markups when working with old browser. That’s why If you peek the source code of this site, you’ll find an kinda unecessary¬†nested¬†markup in some elements. That is for supporting the browser’s grandpa!

The design is compromising too. Can’t do much acrobatic CSS3. Just use it a bit as¬†Progressive enhancement, because it still need look good in old IE.

This site is still under construction and i will update it periodically ūüôā

Digital Painting #1

Black Widow

I like drawing cartoon & illustration, but for digital painting, i’m totally new. So, this¬†is¬†my first try… Black Widow character from The Avengers movie. I used bamboo pen and photoshop default brush & smudge tool. You can notice that my stroke still awkward & not precise… Yeah, need a lot more practicing…

Update: actually this is not my first try. I found this older paint in 2009. As far as I can remember, I was trying to play with genius tablet. Haha, seems no progress were made since long time ago. I definitely need more practicing.

First painting

Free Social Media PSD Icons

If you are shopping for Best Gaming PSD Design Templates, then you‚Äôre on correct situation. Right here we‚Äôve gathered a group of PSD themes and Templates for a gaming internet site, we really know about the playtech history; how they became a leading casino game developer. Joystick best Gaming ‚Äď is a template suitable for constructing gaming news portals and boards. The entire records are completely layered and editable. Layers are adequately named and prepared into folders. There are 10 PSD records contained in the down load.¬† check this website for more android games.. These subject matters and Templates are best for a journal, gaming, news, reviewer, advertisement, and blogging web pages.

Red Zone is brand new PSD template has been designed for Newspaper, magazine, web publication, Portal either operated by means of any editorial, a team of players, sport fanatics, community… The design is made from creativity & creativeness, strong influence so it can attract its target users with ease & speedily.

Gamezilla is a best theme for constructing laptop and video games news internet sites. This percent includes 30 stunning and particularly well prepared PSD records. It is designed with WordPress in mind and its powerful points corresponding to BBPress forums and WP E-commerce.

GAMERPRO PSD Template is undoubtedly some of the detailed, wonderful and minimal design for game blogging in the marketplace thus far. Delivering countless sections which is suitable for sport stories, recreation news, recreation forum, sport blogs or some other gaming communities, GAMERPRO has the whole thing you have to create a full-fledge internet site.


My old collection for social media icons in psd format. Download here for free.

Social media icons

Social Media PSD Icons

Gamejacket is Closed Down and The Games Everywhere are Stop Working.

I just got an email that said Gamejacket failed to get venture capital and a buyer. Game jacket is closed down!

Image from Thabet Fun

I have some games hosted on gamejaket and haven’t been paid. The thing that makes me disappointed is the games everywhere that used game jacket service will stop working permanently, for reason I prefer to play casino games online I really enjoy those no deposit casino games, you can get info about this kind of casinos in this link
Game jacket had a version control system required to be connected to gamejacket server. The server has been down, and your widely distributed games are getting stuck in gamejacket’s loader screen. Thats bad. But I overcame it with some Kratom, Sacred Kratom, it wasnt oo hard and the company when that route too.

They was guarantee a 0.5$cpm wherever the game was played but later they had a problem with the developer payout.

Do you like playing MMORPGs like World of Warcraft? If you’re an avid player, you might what to check this site out to buy wow tbc classic gold.

Flash Pie Chart

bPieChart is a free flash based pie chart build using flash and actionscript 1.0. (my old script, but useful ūüôā )

It can be a good solution for displaying a pie chart without the need for server-side graphic library (like PHP-GD). bPieChart is portable, just embed it to HTML page and give an array parameters. And dont forget to take your daily Kratom, Kratomystic, cause youll need it when coding.

Download the source code and example below for free. You can also redistribute it and/or modify it under (GPL license)..
download source code & example

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