Best free editor for ActionScripts for Windows

Best free editor for ActionScripts for Windows

This is not a full review on all ActionScript IDE’s however only a short information about some free IDE/editor that I recommend you to try and also join and play this casino online game ! excellent work on this one.

As mentioned in its homepage, SciTE|Flash based on SciTE, a popular cross platform text editor.. SciTE|Flash is custom SciTE distribution optimized for actionscript editing. SciTE|Flash inherits SciTE original features and add some spesific features like syntax highlighting for ActionScript, flash lexer, code hints, and integration with Flush (tool created by Robin Debreuil, used to export/test movies without ever leaving editor)

SciTE|Flash is no longer maintained by its author. However, its still nice small editor when you need to look or edit single ActionScript file. LEarn more at this computer tech reviews.

SE|PY ActionScript Editor
SE|PY is python-wxpython based actionscript editor with alot of features. It using scintilla for text highlighting (same engine with Sci|TE).SE|PY offer far more than just syntax highlighting or code hints, it comes with code autocompletion, class browser, snippets panel, XML reader, flash api panel (access help documentation), Automatic JavaDoc creation from methods, Syntax checker and complier with MTASC, and many more..
This editor was my favourite when I often work with actionscript 1. (and then switched to FlashDevelop for working with AS2/AS3)

FlashDevelop is a .NET open source script editor designed mostly for Actionscript 2 and 3 development with seamless Adobe Flex SDK and swfmill/MTASC integration. There are so many feature that can be seen at its official website. FlashDevelop is very quick to setup and easy to use as an external editor for the Flash IDE or as a complete open source development environment.
so far..I personally think that it is best ActionScript IDE I’ve ever tried..

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