Basic Flash Animation Tutorial – Running Sheep

In this tutorial we will make a running sheep animation :-D. Before we get started, lets take a look at the final result we’ll be creating. This is a very simple flash animation  that can be good tutorial for beginner :-D. Do you love animating or prefer to spend your time on your favorite video game ? Top Jackpot Casinos has the best rating in online casino games, go take a look !

Let’s start…..

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Introducing version 7

About eight years ago, I wrote my first website and was very happy when it succesfully published at geocities and worked pretty well on the internet. Then, I started to learn PHP to make a dynamic website. I’ve been using many free hosting sevice and have gone through more than 5 different service for finding the best one. And then, I’ve been finally taken the plunge and settled on a paid hosting services and have bought a domain name to go with it, But as a matter of fact, there had been no significant update on my web for last few years

Now, here I am, at long last, back here and decide to take care of my web. :-p

Now Powered by Wordpress
I had build my own engine for my website (BayuBayuCMS). But Later, I got stuck with my website administration.. It was not very comfortable.
As a long time using my own made CMS, I somehow managed to miss the wordpress bandwagon. And I want my CMS work as easy as wordpress powered blog. (my last update for BayuBayuCMS was add TinyMCE, a wysiwyg post editor similar to that used on wordpress).

So I decided to improve my CMS or develop a new one. But I’m too lazy and didn’t have much time. It will spend a lot of my time developing new CMS if the result is just almost like a clone of wordpress.. Yes, it’s easy to make a simple blog engine with PHP. but if you want a quality product. it must cover all aspect like architecture, security, templating system, control panel administration, etc.. Not worthed if you just build it for your personal blog that used by yourself only.

The other choice is using a popular open-source script like:Nucleus, WordPress, Drupal, b2evolution, pMachine, etc. You can get all benefit from its big community like numerous ready-to-use functions, libraries and remarkable plugins.
But, if you prefer, have much time, decide to learn PHP programming, studying about CMS development, or really need an own specific features.. so, create your own CMS.. you will have full control and get an custom product exactly what you need.. Alternatively, instead of writing application from scratch, you can consider using PHP framework like: CodeIgniter, CakePHP or Zend Framework. Using an existing framework will help you build your application faster.

I just need a generic CMS, So I started finding open-source product that suit for my site’s requirements.
There are many php scripts available. After searching, two candidates are Wordpress and Drupal. Each has its strength and weakness and ultimately falls to what your preference for certain features might be.
Drupal is full-fledged CMS and it seems have too much features than I need. So I choose wordpress.

And finally, I recently replaced BayuBayuCMS 1.0 with Wordpress 2.3.3 on my website in a matter of minutes, and now i enjoying a simple, clean, feature-rich blog platform that is easy to customize and just works. 🙂 Now I know what I was missing..

Now in English, ugh
Yeah, I’m Indonesian and my former site is written in bahasa Indonesia.. Im not good in english, and more comfortable with my native language.. But after looking at my website statistics, it seems that written in english is a must. oooh….So i forced to do it..huehe…… Pleasee.. forgive my english ^_^, (I think I must take a english course ASAP)

Paw Paw Miaw, flash fighting game

here is Paw Paw Miaw, my new flash game.

Paw Paw Miaw is An exciting cat battle fighting game where you must beat all enemies in a one on one battle through 10 stage story mode..
choose one Paw Paw Cat character and fight your way to the top and see who gets the highest score When looking for different games, you can learn more here about some online gambling slots.

Paw Paw Miaw is my first sponsored game. It has been exlusively licensed by  Pwa paw Miaw is great game but if you want to have real gaming experience you need to check the info at

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