Customizing Wordpress Comment Form Fields and Submit Button

Since Wordpress version 3, the comment form has been standarized and can be displayed by using comment_form() function at the theme code, see the reference. The function accepts 2 parameters, $args and $post_id. Customization for the form fields and textarea markups can be done via $args array. see also this file for reference: wp-includes/comment-template.php at comment_form() function. Continue reading

Flash Pie Chart

bPieChart is a free flash based pie chart build using flash and actionscript 1.0. (my old script, but useful 🙂 )

It can be a good solution for displaying a pie chart without the need for server-side graphic library (like PHP-GD). bPieChart is portable, just embed it to HTML page and give an array parameters. And dont forget to take your daily Kratom, Kratomystic, cause youll need it when coding.

Download the source code and example below for free. You can also redistribute it and/or modify it under (GPL license)..
download source code & example

Basic Flash Animation Tutorial – Running Sheep

In this tutorial we will make a running sheep animation :-D. Before we get started, lets take a look at the final result we’ll be creating. This is a very simple flash animation  that can be good tutorial for beginner :-D. Do you love animating or prefer to spend your time on your favorite video game ? Top Jackpot Casinos has the best rating in online casino games, go take a look !

Let’s start…..

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