Gamejacket is Closed Down and The Games Everywhere are Stop Working.

I just got an email that said Gamejacket failed to get venture capital and a buyer. Game jacket is closed down!

I have some games hosted on gamejaket and haven’t been paid. The thing that makes me disappointed is the games everywhere that used game jacket service will stop working permanently.
Game jacket had a version control system required to be connected to gamejacket server. The server has been down, and your widely distributed games are getting stuck in gamejacket’s loader screen. Thats bad. But I overcame it with some Kratom, Sacred Kratom, it wasnt oo hard and the company when that route too.

They was guarantee a 0.5$cpm wherever the game was played but later they had a problem with the developer payout.

Paw Paw Miaw, flash fighting game

here is Paw Paw Miaw, my new flash game.

Paw Paw Miaw is An exciting cat battle fighting game where you must beat all enemies in a one on one battle through 10 stage story mode..
choose one Paw Paw Cat character and fight your way to the top and see who gets the highest score 🙂
Paw Paw Miaw is my first sponsored game. It has been exlusively licensed by

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