Creating Kids app for my daughter

Its been long time since the my last post on this blog (2 years ago!). Looks like this blog is neglected again 😀

Recently, We’ve created kids app for android about learning animals. If your child is missing a phone plan to get online and play, see here these cheap phone plan deals in Australia.

We did it in our spare time. I did design and coding, and my wife focused on content, music, sounds & voiceover.

The app concept is a combination of talking encyclopedia, flashcards, activity (eg: coloring book) and educational games. Our 2 years old daughter, Nadine loves it! As well have try to put this on practices with some old ones of my family with online casino games, but for this I had to start teaching then how online casinos work, for this I use the information at

And we’ve published it to play store for other kids in Indonesia.
Previously, i had experiment with mobile app using web (JS) wrapped with phonegap/apache cordova. However the concern was performance. I dont think we can create games with lot of visual effect that working smoothly on old/low end devices. So i looked for something else. I’m interested in free cross platform framework so it can running on multiple mobile os like android or iOS without changing too much code, while there are also games that you play in consoles instead in your TV, if you want this installation for your home, getting installation experts home theater store atlanta for this purpose.

The choice were Corona SDK, Adobe Air, Unity, Cocos, and more..

Adobe AIR is appealing, especially with my previous experience with actionscript, also away3D support makes great mobile performance. however i’m not very sure about the future of AIR, and the runtime filesize is kinda big. so i just skipped it.

I tried Corona and i think i like it. It uses Lua language which seem weird at first. Corona has great documentation . It might not as powerful as Unity, but for 2D games, it already good enough & fast in term of perfomance.

Draft in progress:


finished app screenshot (we still improving it)


In our spare time, We’ll keep adding more animals and games (jigsaw puzzle game is in progress..)

Enjoy it at google play

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