Paw Paw Miaw, flash fighting game

here is Paw Paw Miaw, my new flash game.

Paw Paw Miaw is An exciting cat battle fighting game where you must beat all enemies in a one on one battle through 10 stage story mode..
choose one Paw Paw Cat character and fight your way to the top and see who gets the highest score 🙂
Paw Paw Miaw is my first sponsored game. It has been exlusively licensed by

Title screen

In game 1

After its release, I’m verry happy knowing Paw Paw Miaw received a game of the week from It has really helped bring tons of players to play my game.. 🙂
thank to GameGarage and all of the people who played Paw Paw Miaw..

Here are some feature highlights:

  • One on one fighting gameplay, with street fighter/mortal kombat style
  • combo and special attack executing via key combination (e.g.: down+forward+punch for fireball)
  • hit the enemy will increase the special bar. when it is full, you can release super fireball attack
  • 6 playable characters and 1 hidden character (unlocked after finishing story mode at medium or hard level)
  • three difficulty level at story mode (easy,medium,hard) which enemies goes stronger
  • there are story mode (1 player) and 2 players versus mode
  • story mode consist of 10 stages battle against computer (AI) with boss at final level

keyboard controls for player 1:
direction : arrow key
punch : O
kick : P

for player 2:
direction : A,S,D,W
punch : G
kick : H

Special attack:
running : forward + forward
uppercut : down (hold) + punch
fireball : down + forward + punch
push : forward + forward + punch

Play here

Enjoy & thanks for playing .(^_^)/

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