I like to create stuffs in my spare time. This page contains some of my works, ranging from old college stuff to an experimental/unpublished project. Some games can be played/downloaded.

However, not all my works can be published here because of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

This page is under construction, I'm still collecting them and will update this page periodically :-)

Project Type : Game · Interactive CD · Logo & Branding · Software · Website

Eek Pro 2002

Eek Pro 2002

Type :
Date : Jul 2002
Work : Design & Programming

Eek Pro is simple flash game. This is my first flash game built in 2002 😀

The gameplay is very simple. Just press spacebar quickly & repeatidly until it released.

Developed using Flash & ActionScript 1




Type :
Date : Jan 2002
Work : Programming

Oberon is a text based web editor. I started the development since i was in senior high school. This program is built using Delphi and was published in my website on 2001. At that moment, text based html editor were popular, such as HomeSite, HotDog Pro, HotMetal, etc. I decided to built myself that suit my needs. This was also for learning Delphi programming.

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